Kim and Ethan stand smiling in Walt Disney's apartment at Disneyland, surrounded by vintage decor, including lush red drapes, an elegant floral-patterned carpet, and classic furnishings that capture the early 20th-century style.

Walt’s Main Street Story Tour: My Review of the One and Only Walt Disney Apartment Tour! 2024


Hello, fellow Disney lovers! Ever dream of stepping directly into the heart of Disney’s magic? If you’re a huge fan of Walt Disney like I am, you’re going to love this! I’m excited to share my experience on Walt’s Main Street Story Tour—the only tour that takes you inside Walt Disney’s apartment at Disneyland.

Getting to walk where Walt once did was an incredible experience. This tour isn’t just a stroll down Main Street; it’s a personal look at the places where Walt himself spent his days, full of stories and inspiration. 🌟

Join me as I take you from the moment we check in, walk down Main Street, and step into the highlight—Walt’s very own apartment. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or new to the world of Disney, this tour offers a unique look at the man whose creativity and vision brought joy to millions.

Let’s explore what makes this tour not just memorable but a deeply meaningful homage to Walt Disney himself.

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Overview of Walt’s Main Street Story Tour

Before we dive deep into the details, here’s a quick overview of what Walt’s Main Street Story Tour entails:🌟

  • Check-In: Begin your magical journey at the designated meeting point, where you’ll receive a warm welcome and your exclusive tour credentials. 🎟️
  • Tour of Main Street U.S.A.: The 90-minute tour begins with a stroll down Main Street, U.S.A., taking in the nostalgic sights and sounds inspired by the small-town charm of Walt Disney’s childhood. As you walk, you’ll learn the secrets and stories behind each shop and facade, revealing hidden details that most visitors never hear about. 🏘️🎶
  • Walt Disney’s Apartment: The highlight of the tour—step into the private apartment where Walt Disney would watch over his dream come to life.
  • Snack & Drink: Enjoy a special treat and drink and reflect on the experience with your guide and other tour guests.

This overview should give you a good snapshot of what to expect, but stick with me—there’s so much more to share about each part of this incredible experience!


Going on Walt’s Main Street Story Tour felt like walking into a favorite story—it was a dream come true, filled with history and surprises. This visit to Disneyland was particularly special as it was a mom-and-son trip with my 11-year-old. Here’s what happened during our adventure, from the warm greeting at the start to the special moments inside Walt Disney’s apartment.

A person inquires about a tour at the "GUIDED TOURS" booth at Disneyland. Nearby, a "Walt's Main Street Story Tour - Meet Here" sign stands on a brass post.

As soon as you enter Disneyland Park, you’ll find the check-in area to your left at the Tour Gardens on Main Street, U.S.A.

We arrived about 15 minutes early, and the staff greeted us with personalized “Walt’s Main Street Story” buttons featuring our names.

A hand holding a name tag for "Walt's Main Street Story Tour" with the name KIM printed on it. In the background, a black "RESERVED" sign sits on a speckled table surface, with white wrought iron chairs and brick flooring visible.

We selected a table in the reserved area—a nice spot to relax and get ready for the tour. Conveniently, there’s a restroom nearby, which is great for a quick stop before the tour begins.

Our guide was exceptionally warm and welcoming. She provided us with headsets so that we could hear her clearly as we made our way down the lively Main Street. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

Tour of Main Street U.S.A.

Our tour began with a stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. Our guide shared how Walt Disney’s experiences growing up in Marceline, Missouri, inspired the design and feel of this area. This influence is what gives Main Street its distinctive, nostalgic charm, reminiscent of an American town in the early 20th century.

A tour guide in a blue coat and plaid skirt leads "Walt's Main Street Story Tour" at Disneyland, addressing participants on a brick pathway with the park's charming architecture behind them.

The Stories Behind Main Street’s Windows

Throughout our walk, our guide highlighted the names on the shop windows 🪟, each commemorating individuals crucial to Disneyland’s creation and individuals important to Walt.

This includes Christopher Miller, Walt Disney’s first grandchild, and Elias Disney, Walt’s dad. Using their names on the windows symbolizes the deep importance Walt placed on family. This also showed how he integrated his personal life into the legacy of the park.

If you look above the Silhouette Studio building, you’ll see the name Don Edgren. He was the chief engineer of Disneyland and played a key role in the technical and structural development of the park.

The storefront of the "SILHOUETTE STUDIO" at Disneyland, with a striped awning. A window above bears the name "Don Edgren," honoring the structural design engineer. The façade features a classic Disney park architectural style with stone trim and a white balustrade.

Emile Kuri another name displayed was the chief decorator for Walt Disney Studios. His name is displayed on the window above the Market House (Starbucks). Much of the park’s iconic design is because of him.

The facade of the Market House also known as Starbucks on Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland.  On one of the windows is Emile Kuri, interior decorator.

Walt’s Midnight Kindness: Sharing Moments with the Crew

During our tour, we heard a heartwarming story about Walt Disney that took place in the middle of the night. He was known to wander down Main Street in his bathrobe long after the park closed. One night when construction workers were working on the railroad he approached them and invited them to the Sunkist Citrus House, now Gibson’s Ice Cream Parlor.

There, in the quiet hours long after guests had left, he prepared fresh orange juice for them🍊. This thoughtful gesture highlights his approach to leadership and his deep connection with the people around him. It shows his appreciation for their hard work, even during the late hours at Disneyland.

Main Street Cinema and Tilley

During our visit to the Main Street Cinema, we learned about Tilley, the fictional cinema manager. It was surprising to hear from our guide that Disney changes her outfits according to the seasons and special park events 👗.

A mannequin named Tilly is dressed in period attire for Women's History Month, showcased inside Disneyland's Main Street Cinema. She wears a "VOTES FOR WOMEN" sash.

This extra care in updating her look really showcases Disney’s commitment to detail. It ensures that even stationary characters like Tilley contribute to the lively and thematic ambiance of Main Street. We were there during March, Women’s History Month and she was dressed wearing a sash that read “Votes for Women.”

Dentist Office Sounds

As we passed by the dentist’s office off Main Street, we could hear the sounds of a dentist at work 🦷, coming from hidden speakers.

The playful "PAINLESS DENTIST" office at Disneyland displays a sign for "E.S. Bitz, D.D.S. Licensed Laughing Gas," with a "Dentists in Training" window sign above, set against traditional brickwork and charming architectural details.

This clever detail adds a layer of realism and whimsy to the environment, enhancing the immersive experience of Disneyland. It’s something I would have never known or paid attention to before. These playful sounds contribute to the unique and unexpected discoveries that make exploring Disneyland so special.

Refreshment Corner

While we were at the Refreshment Corner, our guide shared a fascinating tidbit about the charming pattern of red and white light bulbs.

A Coca-Cola sign accents the classic scenery on Main Street at Disneyland, with red and white awnings featuring rows of red and white light bulbs, set against a red brick building and a bright blue sky.

She pointed out a clever detail: one bulb is painted half red and half white. This little trick ensures the red and white sequence remains unbroken, wrapping seamlessly around the corner. It’s subtle yet smart touches like this that illustrate Disney’s commitment to detail. They put effort into creating a visually pleasing environment for everyone.

Penny Arcade

Towards the end of our tour along Main Street U.S.A., we made a stop at the Penny Arcade. Our guide took a few minutes to talk about the self-playing organ there. As we stood and listened, the organ serenaded us with a Disney tune. It plays at different times throughout the day 🎶.

Inside Disneyland's Penny Arcade, guests look at an old-fashioned wooden organ with shiny pipes. The arcade is decorated with bright colors and has a classic feel.

Learning about the organ’s features was very interesting. This is something I definitely would have missed just browsing through the store.

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Walt Disney’s Apartment Tour

After completing our tour of Main Street U.S.A., we arrived at the highlight of our day…Walt Disney’s apartment!!

Located above the fire station on Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland Park 🏰, visiting the very place where Walt lived, worked, and spent time with his family was a dream come true. As a huge fan of both Disney and Walt himself, stepping into his personal space felt surreal!

Before we entered, our guide reminded us that taking pictures was not allowed and phones had to be put away 📵. Fortunately, a Disney PhotoPass photographer 📸 was there to capture a few special moments for us.

Kim and Ethan stand smiling in Walt Disney's apartment at Disneyland, surrounded by vintage decor, including lush red drapes, an elegant floral-patterned carpet, and classic furnishings that capture the early 20th-century style.

Walking into the apartment, there was a distinct smell that wasn’t unpleasant but rather nostalgic, reminiscent of my grandmother’s home. The space was surprisingly small compared to how it appeared in pictures. Everything was preserved just as Walt had left it. While some items of furniture and decor had been replaced, they were exact replicas of the original pieces.

Discovering Walt’s Personal Touches

The decor featured numerous roses—on the carpet, pillows, lamps, art, and more 🌹, reflecting Lillian Disney’s love for them. Our guide shared this detail as we observed the intimate living space.

Although the iconic lamp has been replaced, the one currently in the apartment continues to carry a significant tradition. The lamp by the window is kept lit 🔦 to symbolize Walt Disney’s enduring presence and spirit at Disneyland. It reminds all who visit that his legacy is very much alive.

The kitchenette was tiny, equipped with just a griddle that Walt used to make grilled cheeses 🧀. We admired the delicate china displayed nearby. We couldn’t walk on the bathroom floor but could take a peak in. The bathroom was decorated in mint green and pink, definitely from that era.

During the tour, our guide told us stories about Walt and his apartment. It was touching, and some of us even got a little teary-eyed.

The tour concluded with the Disney PhotoPass photographer taking our photos in front of the sofa and next to the window with the lamp. This way, we had special pictures to remember our visit

Ethan is gazing out of the window in Walt Disney's apartment at Disneyland, next to the iconic lamp that signals Disney's presence, surrounded by antique-style furnishings and rich, patterned textiles.

Snack & Drink

After our tour concluded, we returned to the reserved tables where our guide handed out souvenir lemon cookies, each decorated with the “Walt’s Main Street Story Tour” logo. Along with the cookies, we each received a postcard-like picture of Walt Disney with the castle in the background 🏰📷, a nice keepsake from the tour.

A cookie decorated with "Walt's Main Street Story" next to a postcard-like image of Walt Disney in front of the castle, mementos for guests to take home from the Main Street Story Tour at Disneyland.

She also distributed the drinks we had selected at check-in—choices included Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or bottled water 💧.

While we enjoyed our snacks, our guide shared a book with photos of Walt Disney’s apartment. Some of the images showed moments of Walt’s grandchildren playing in the apartment. It displayed the apartment as it looks today, although the lamp in the photos looked slightly different.

As we discussed the tour and exchanged thoughts with the guide and other guests, we eventually said our goodbyes. It wrapped up a memorable experience. ✨

How Much Does it Cost to Tour Walt Disney’s Apartment?

As with anything at Disney, experiencing the magic doesn’t come cheap, and touring Walt Disney’s apartment is no exception.

The cost for ages 3 and up is $160 per ticket.

If you hold a Disney Visa Card, you’re eligible for a 15% discount. This can lead to substantial savings on this exclusive experience. With my Disney Visa credit card, we paid $136 per ticket, effectively saving $24 per ticket.

If you are a Disney lover like myself, I highly recommend getting this card. There are so many discounts you get while at Disney.

Is it Worth the Cost?

Deciding whether the Walt Disney Apartment Tour is worth the investment depends largely on your interest in Disney’s history and legacy. For die-hard Disney fans or those fascinated by the personal life of Walt Disney himself, this tour offers an unparalleled glimpse into the private life of the creative genius behind Disneyland.

Kim and Ethan sharing a happy moment and taking a selfie at Disneyland.  Kim is wearing a Disneyland shirt and Ethan wearing Disneyland hat and tshirt.

Seeing where Walt worked, relaxed, and even brainstormed some of Disney’s most famous attractions adds a unique layer of depth to any Disney visit. The apartment is preserved to reflect how Walt Disney lived, and stepping into it is like stepping back in time. Every detail, from the decor to the personal items that remain, tells a part of Walt’s story.

Moreover, the tour includes exclusive access not offered to the general public, making it a special experience that can make your visit to Disneyland even more memorable. Plus, the savings from the Disney Visa Card discount can help lessen the cost somewhat, making it slightly more accessible for cardholders.

In my opinion, it is totally worth it! I am so glad I did it. If you are a huge Walt Disney fan, then you just have to go—there will be no regrets.

However, it is pricey, so if you have a member in your family or group who could care less, then let them explore the park while you do this by yourself or with other people in your party who would enjoy it. My son Ethan wasn’t too enthusiastic about it initially, but afterward, he really appreciated having this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He has been talking about it since, and I know it will leave a lasting memory for him for life.

How to Book Walt’s Main Street Story Tour

To ensure your spot on Walt’s Main Street Story Tour, I recommend booking in advance. Reservations can be made up to 60 days ahead of your planned visit. This is especially useful during peak seasons when the tour might book up quickly. You can make your reservation using the following link: Book the Tour.

The Wrap-Up

Reflecting on Walt’s Main Street Story Tour, I can confidently say that this unique experience offers more than just a walkthrough of Disneyland’s iconic locations. It provides a deep dive into the life and legacy of Walt Disney himself 🏰.

From the intimate glimpse into his private apartment above the fire station to the meticulously maintained details of Main Street, U.S.A., each moment of the tour is designed to connect you with the history and heart of Disney ❤️.

Guests gather and relax in front of Disneyland's Main Street Railway Station, an iconic entrance point for many park adventures, framed by mature trees under a clear blue sky.

For me, this tour was a dream come true. It was surreal to walk in the same spaces where Walt Disney lived and worked. If you’re a Disney enthusiast or someone fascinated by the impact of Walt’s vision, this tour is an absolute must. It’s not just about seeing the sights; it’s about experiencing the passion and dedication that Walt Disney poured into every corner of the park 🌟.

Plus, the exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes looks that you get are priceless, making the tour well worth the investment. It makes it an unforgettable part of any Disney trip.

I was so glad I could bring my youngest son to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Seeing his amazement and sharing this rare insight into Disney’s history made the experience even more special for both of us.

Whether you come away with lasting memories, new insights into Disney’s history, or just a deeper appreciation for the magic of Disney, Walt’s Main Street Story Tour is bound to leave a lasting impression.

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