The World of Color show lights up the night at Disney's California Adventure Park, with colorful fountains and a Ferris wheel glowing in the backdrop, as a captivated audience looks on.

2024 World of Color Dessert Party: Is It Worth It? My Honest Review

Considering the World of Color Dessert Party? ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

The World of Color Dessert Party adds an extra cost to an already pricey Disney vacation, so you might be asking: is it really worth it? What exactly does it include, how early should you arrive, where exactly is it located, what kind of desserts and beverages are offered, and what is the overall cost?

Don’t worry! Having recently attended the World of Color Dessert Party at Disney California Adventure, I’m here to give you an honest review and answer all your questions.

Let’s dive in!

Pssst…..I’m also a travel agent who specializes in Disney, so be sure to contact me and I can help plan and book your Disney vacation.

What Comes With the World of Color Dessert Party? 🎉

For $89 (this includes tax and gratuity), enjoy a premium experience at the World of Color Dessert Party!

A smiling boy named Ethan, wearing a navy blue hoodie, sits at a table with a plate of desserts at the World of Color Dessert Party. The lit-up Paradise Pier and Mickey Mouse Ferris wheel is in the background.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Tasty Treats 🍰🧀: A plate filled with delicious desserts and cheeses.
  • Beverages Included 🥤🍹: Enjoy two alcoholic beverages if you’re over 21, and unlimited soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for everyone.
  • Prime Seating 🪑: Reserved table seating in a specially designated area for an unbeatable view of the show.

A Personal Review and Recap of My Experience

Why I Chose the Dessert Party

First off, here’s why I decided to try the dessert party: I’m not a night person, and crowds just aren’t my thing. Staying late at the parks has become a bit of a challenge lately—maybe I’m feeling my age a little more these days, who knows! 😅 The idea of jostling for a good spot at a show? Not appealing.

But I’ve been so excited to see the World of Color, and the dessert party seemed like the perfect way to do that without the stress. Since it was just my son and me on this special trip, the cost felt worth it. So, I thought, ‘Why not give it a shot?'”

Arrival Time

We booked the second showing of the World of Color for that night because that was the only one available with my fairly last-minute booking.

Our reservation for the World of Color Dessert Party was set for 9:15 PM. Remember, this time is for the dessert party itself, not the show, which starts about an hour after your reservation.

(So, our dessert party time was 9:15 PM and the World of Color show itself started at 10:15 PM.)

Check-In Process

The confirmation email for the dessert party had all the check-in details. We were to check in at the Eureka water wheel (part of Grizzly River Run) near the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

A nighttime view of the Grizzly River Run ride at Disney's California Adventure Park, showcasing the rustic "EUREKA" waterwheel structure.

When we arrived at check-in time, there was already a line, with some people already checked in and seated. However, the line did move fairly quickly.

A line of guests awaiting check-in for the World of Color Dessert Party at Disney's California Adventure Park, illuminated by the warm glow of park lamps against the evening sky.

When we reached the front of the line, the staff confirmed our names and asked us to choose our seating preference—high-top or standard tables.

I first chose the standard tables, considering my inner ear issues can make sitting at high tops a dizzying experience. But the staff recommended the high-top tables for the best views, mentioning that the director’s chairs came with arms for added stability. Convinced, I opted for the high tops.

Relaxing Before Show Time

After we checked in, we found a spot nearby to sit down on the ground. Conveniently located close by was a restroom, perfect for a quick stop before the show began.

While we were waiting, a cast member came over to inform us and a few other nearby World of Color Dessert Party guests that it was almost time to move to the event area. She explained that those seated on the opposite side, where the benches were, would be the first to be escorted over. She advised us to move there, and if we didn’t, she mentioned she would come back later for us.

Interestingly, no one had told us earlier that we needed to wait by the benches. Since our seats were already assigned during check-in, the necessity for this specific lineup was unclear to us. In the end, we simply joined the crowd when it was time to head over.

Once, we took the short walk to the preferred viewing area at Paradise Gardens Park, the host asked us for our names and directed us to our table.

Our Seats

We were seated at a high-top table for four, which meant we’d be sharing it with two other guests. The location was perfect, offering a stellar view of the show. It felt like we had the best seats in the house! And you’ll be glad to hear that the table height didn’t affect my balance one bit—no dizzy spells this time! 🤣

Dessert Plate & Drinks

Shortly after settling in, our waiter came over to take our drink orders. I chose a glass of sparkling wine 🥂 and a bottle of water 💧 to start. Ethan, feeling the chill, opted for a water bottle and later asked for a hot chocolate ☕ to warm up.

When our dessert plates arrived, I was impressed by the creative presentation and variety. The menu included a Mickfetti Bundt cake, a raspberry-filled shortbread cookie, a slice of triple chocolate layer cheesecake, a smooth birthday macaron, and a Krispie treat topped with rainbow sprinkles 🌈.

Each dessert offered a unique flavor, and although they were all quite sweet, the inclusion of grapes, cheeses, and crackers provided a nice balance.

Two plates of desserts marked with a table number "42"  at the World of Color Dessert Party.  In the backdrop is a twinkling Paradise Pier Ferris wheel.

For drinks, they offer sodas 🥤, bottled water, hot chocolate, and coffee ☕. For those over 21, in addition to sparkling wine, there’s also beer 🍺 and a couple of specialty cocktails 🍹 to choose from.

Beverages and Extras

Adults can enjoy up to two alcoholic beverages, which is a nice bonus.

For the kids, there’s an exciting extra: a souvenir glow-up Mickey drinking cup. I was totally not expecting this! This was such a fun take-home souvenir for Ethan and all of the other kids. Check out the picture below to see this incredible souvenir. ⬇

A glowing Mickey Mouse drinkng cup lights up a table during the World of Color show at Disney's California Adventure Park, with bright red water effects in the background and silhouettes of the audience watching.

Since it was a lot of sweets for one person to handle, our waiter offered us to-go boxes before the show started, just in case we wanted to take any treats with us.

Show Time

During our visit, we were treated to “World of Color – One.” This show is a stunning celebration of Disney storytelling, blending classic and contemporary Disney and Pixar tales through water, light, and fire. “One” symbolizes the unifying theme of how one story can bring us all together, making it a powerful and moving experience.

Hearing Walt Disney’s voice at the start was incredibly moving—it was like getting a personal welcome from Walt himself. And the Star Wars segment? Absolutely amazing! Although I’m not the biggest fan, the music always blows me away.

I absolutely loved the show—it was my first time experiencing a World of Color performance. The stunning combination of lights and music was simply incredible! Having the best seats in the house made the experience even more extraordinary. Enjoying the show with a glass of champagne 🥂 and a plate of delicious desserts 🍰 truly made it a special evening.

The World of Color show lights up the night at Disney's California Adventure Park, with colorful fountains and a Ferris wheel glowing in the backdrop, as a captivated audience looks on.

Is World of Color Dessert Party Worth It?

Absolutely, without a doubt! I don’t think I could have enjoyed the show to its fullest any other way. I’m not a fan of crowds or long waits, and this party was the perfect solution to those worries. 😄 The show itself is a can’t-miss experience—it’s absolutely incredible and easily one of the best things to do not just at Disney California Adventure, but across the entire Disneyland Resort.

Even though it was just the two of us this time, I’d definitely splurge again for my whole family of five on our next visit. Yes, Disney is pricey, but what’s a little more to ensure a stress-free, enjoyable experience? The comfort of having desserts, snacks, and drinks delivered right to our table, combined with premium viewing, felt truly priceless.

Another Tip!

Looking for a hotel recommendation near Disney California Adventure? I highly recommend Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. It’s practically inside the park itself! After the World of Color show, we walked back to our room in just under 8 minutes, thanks to its private access near Grizzly River Run. Staying here is incredibly convenient and truly elevates the entire Disney experience!

A courtyard view room at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel with a scenic vista of lush trees, the hotel's exterior, and a colorful monorail passing by.

Booking World of Color Dessert Party

Now that you know the World of Color Dessert Party is a must-do, why wait? 🌈 Go ahead and secure your spot! Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance. To ensure you get your preferred showtime, it’s best to book as early as possible.

And if you’re thinking about planning your Disneyland Resort vacation, I can help! As a travel agent with Magical Moments Vacations, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I’m here to assist you every step of the way. Contact me to make your trip effortless and magical. 🏰✨

The Wrap-Up

As our evening at Disney California Adventure came to a close, I was left thoroughly impressed by the World of Color Dessert Party. It transformed what could have been a stressful evening into a magical and memorable experience 🌈.

The convenience of reserved seating, delicious treats 🍰, and a variety of drinks made everything feel special and well worth the extra cost.

Seeing the show without the hassle of crowds and with the best possible view was absolutely priceless 💎. The Disney magic was in full swing, enhanced by the colorful lights and captivating performances of “World of Color – One.” Plus, the extra touches like the souvenir light up Mickey drinking cup for kids was an added surprise.

If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Resort and wondering whether the dessert party is worth the splurge, my answer is a resounding YES 👍. Especially if you appreciate a more relaxed and comfortable viewing experience, or if, like me, you’re not a fan of large crowds.

Remember, if you need assistance booking your Disneyland vacation, don’t hesitate to reach out. As an authorized Disney vacation planner, I’m here to help you craft the perfect itinerary that includes magical experiences like this one ✨.

So, book your spot at the World of Color Dessert Party and get ready for an unforgettable night at Disney California Adventure!

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